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NCC Reflection POS can help you run your restaurant easier and more efficiently!

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A complete restaurant Point Of Sale system to streamline operations and improve customer service.

  • Take better control of your restaurant with the easy-to-use Reflection POS.
  • Increase the speed of taking orders and accuracy when preparing them.
  • Reflection POS is a solution that can be tailored to your business unique needs.
  • Enhance the communication between your customers and restaurant staff.
  • Process more cards in less time accurately by integrating credit-card processing.
  • The cash discount program will save you hundreds of dollars in processing fees.
  • Make more informed decisions about your business.
  • In-person product demo and onsite installation.
  • In-person staff training and technical support for an easy transition.
  • Local help in your area for convenience and peace of mind.
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NCC Reflection POS

Update your outdated cash register with Reflection POS Solution

Using an old cash register or another outdated point of sale system to run your business can be costing you a lot of money. From how fast orders are taken or how efficiently your staff communicates amongst each other to deliver them or how quickly or accurately credit card payments are taken from customers, can have a big impact on your business’ bottom line.

Stop using a fragile POS that doesn’t meet your restaurant’s needs and has problems with performance and customer service. Paying expensive monthly fees for their hardware and software or high credit card rates can be a huge financial burden for your business.

This is especially true if you don’t have the crucial information that your business needs to make decisions about its money flow, so it’s important to upgrade your old POS system immediately!

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Empower your restaurant staff and Improve customer service, sales and your botom line!

NCC Reflection POS is a flexible, easy to use and stable point of sale system to help you streamline your restaurant daily operations, improve customer experience and increase sales. This system will enhance the communication between your staff and your visiting guests by providing a tailored solution that fits your specific needs and it offers other functionalities to improve the operations of a busy restaurant. You can empower your employees and reduce kitchen errors while also increasing productivity around the restaurant with Reflection for restaurants.

By empowering your employees with a tool that will help them maximize their potential and give outstanding service to customers is the best way for you to increase your restaurant’s bottom line.

You will also benefit from the information provided in the detailed reports; you will be able to see the overall health of your business and make more informed decisions for the future of your restaurant, cafe or food truck.

Intuitive and easy-to-use NCC Reflection POS can help you better run your restaurant

If you are looking to improve your business’s potential, look no further than the NCC Reflection point of sale solution for restaurants. Start enjoying the benefits of the experience and skills provided by a software that was developed and designed with the restaurant’s daily challenges in mind.

Managing food orders more efficiently, processing credit card payments faster and accurately and detailed reports on daily transactions about your restaurant are some of the benefits Reflection provides when you upgrade your outdated cash register or POS system. Enjoy the peace of mind, freedom and compensation that comes when you use a flexible, easy to use, and robust Reflection POS system for restaurants offered to business owners and managers.

Calbiz is your local NCC Reflection POS dealer in the Los Angeles area.

We are a local POS company conveniently located in the Greater Los Angeles area for your convenience. We offer a variety of point of sale systems for restaurants, bars and food trucks at affordable prices.

Our experienced staff can come to your location and demo our solutions for your convenience or you can visit our showroom in Altadena, CA. Once you have chosen the right POS solution for your business, we will program all your menu, deliver and install the hardware and train you and your staff on the software capabilities.

Call or visit us so you can make a more informed decision for your eatery.

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