NCC Reflection POS for Food Truck

NCC Reflection POS for Food Truck
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Fast, stable and reliable Point of Sale System for Food Truck.

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Looking for a POS system for a Food Truck?

Having an outdated POS System can cause huge problems for your restaurant and be incredibly time consuming when trying to resolve them. It can also cost you money through loss of sales or unhappy customers who had to wait too long or got the wrong order. Don’t lose customers over something that is under your control.

Whether you are using an old-fashioned cash register or a more current POS System that does not meet your business needs, you might be losing a lot of money on a daily basis. You can also save money on your credit card processing. Compare and save!

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NCC Reflection POS for Food Truck Business

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NCC Reflection POS system for Food Trucks; Meet the demands of customers in today’s fast-paced lifestyle

 NCC Reflection is easy to use and it’s designed to help you run your business better by providing an intuitive interface so things make sense even when new personnel use it, customizable to meet your business specific needs whether you have a simple and small menu or a more complicated and extensive menu.

It also offers a fast and accurate way to receive payments from customers, cash or credit cards. In addition to boosting your business efficiency, Reflection POS solution will provide you with detailed reports about your daily transactions so you can make sure that sales, inventory and labor are accurate. This stable, reliable and easy to use point of sale solution will make a difference in how you operate your business.

Calbiz is your cash register, POS system and credit card company in Los Angeles area.

Calbiz is your one-stop shop for all things POS! We’ve been working in the Los Angeles area since 1997 and have had ample opportunity to serve different kinds of restaurants, retail businesses, food trucks etc., giving us an edge when it comes to helping you choose a better point-of-sale solution.

Helping customers make informed decisions about their Point of Sale systems by analyzing their restaurant operations, demonstrating more than one solution and giving them as much information as possible about the POS solutions in the market today. Our experienced staff will personally program all your food and beverage menu, we will deliver and install the equipment and train and support you and your staff. Let’s work for you!

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