NCC Reflection POS for Mexican Restaurant

NCC Reflection POS for Mexican Restaurant
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Complete POS System designed to help you deliver food quickly.

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Looking to improve your customers' satisfaction and waiting time?

We’re in the business of helping restaurants run better. Reflection POS is a point-of sale solution designed with the food industry in mind.

Whether you operate a table service, quick service restaurant or a food truck, Reflection will help you boost your restaurant’s efficiency by enhancing the communication between your customers and your restaurant’s staff so orders can be taken faster and then prepared accurately decreasing food waste and increasing customer satisfaction. Taking credit card and cash payment from customers will be quick and accurate by semi-integrating your merchant account. Detailed reports will provide you the information to make informed decisions about how to improve operations  and bottom line.

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Reflection Point of Sale to Improve your Restaurant’s efficiency

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Decrease kitchen error and food waste & increase customer satisfaction and profitability !

Reflection NCC is the perfect point-of-sale solution for your restaurant. Reflection will help you save time and money by streamlining communication between customers, waitstaff, and kitchen staff so orders are taken faster and prepared accurately decreasing food waste. You’ll also be able to take credit card payments quickly and accurately by integrating your merchant account.   

Detailed reports will provide you with information about sales, taxes, labor, inventory and more so you can help boost your business even further! Stable, reliable and customizable software will definitely help you improve customer service.

Calbiz is your local POS partner in the Los Angeles area!

Calbiz has been helping restaurant owners  in the Los Angeles area since 1997, and we’ve had ample opportunity to serve businesses of all shapes and sizes.

From table restaurants, quick service  & food trucks–We know how important your business is! That’s why when you come looking for a better Point Of Sale solution, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right solution for your business. We will, either, come to your business or you can visit our showroom and view a variety of hardware and software options for your business. Make sure you compare different solutions and make the best decision.

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