NCC Reflection POS for Pizzeria

NCC Reflection POS for Pizzeria
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Intuitive and easy to use Point of Sale System for Pizza Restaurants

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Want to improve customer’s experiences and waiting time in your Pizza restaurant?

 The NCC Reflection Point of Sale system will help your restaurant staff better communicate with customers and kitchen so patrons can have a more pleasant experience at their table.

You can use this intuitive platform to take orders, send them off fast and accurately with one click as well as receive payment quickly and accurately from clients who want their checkout process efficiently –all while enhancing efficiency in general! With pizza restaurants thriving on fast turnaround times, enhancing customer satisfaction by using our powerful POS tool that makes managing transactions easier than ever before. Stop using your old cash register or outdated POS system and improve your business with a new solution.

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NCC Reflection POS will help you improve your pizzeria's operations!

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Imagine improving service for all your customers whether they dine-in, take out or delivery!

ReflectionPOS is a powerful point-of-sale (POS) system that will revolutionize your pizza restaurant by making it easier than ever before to run your restaurant effectively.

The NCC Reflection POS System has been designed specifically with restaurants in mind so you can be confident that this solution will work well for your unique needs. We understand what it takes to operate a successful foodservice operation which allows us to create products that are easy-to-use while still being extremely powerful and flexible enough for even the most demanding restaurateur or bar manager.

Calbiz is your local NCC Reflection POS dealer in the Los Angeles area

Calbiz has been serving customers with cash registers, POS Solutions, merchant accounts and thermal paper roll in the Los Angeles area since 1997.

We have had the opportunity to work closely with different kinds of restaurants, retail businesses and food trucks. This has given us the experience to help customers choose better solutions for their food serving businesses. Aiding customers choose the right point of sale system for their restaurants is only the first step. Then Calbiz staff will program the complete menu, configure & install hardware and train and support you and your staff to better utilize your new POS system’s features and functionalities and boost your pizza shop efficiency.

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