Sam4POS System for Bakery

Sam4POS System for Bakery
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The Sam4POS Android Software can easily be configured for bakery

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Need a better POS solution to run your bakery?

Running a bakery business is no easy task. Temperature, timing and ingredients are just a few of the challenges owners face on a daily basis.

Calbiz knows very little about the magic behind the scenes, but we know about POS systems and we can help with that. The Sam4POS POS system is a stable and full-featured solution for your bakery’s point of sale needs.

Whether you’re just getting started or need some help replacing an existing but outdated system, this android application will help you better manage daily operations by providing features your unique business needs.

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Get the Robust and full-featured Sam4POS solution for your bakery

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The Sam4POS will provide you with the capabilities to better manage your bakery business

This app is perfect for coffee shops, cafes, bakeries and other food environment businesses because it is both simple to use and customizable.

It’s the go-to when you need to manage your business on the move! You’ll be able to choose from various hardware options including tablets, cash registers like SAP 630 RT/FT and 15” touchscreen system. Taking payments from customers can be easier and more accurate when you semi-integrate credit card processing.

Calbiz is your local Sam4POS Company in the area for your bakery

We have been helping businesses with their POS solutions since 1997. Don’t worry about your point of sale business needs and let us help you figure out what the best fit is considering your bakery’s daily operations.

We want you to take better control so you can focus on baking and serving your customers the fresh bread, pastries and cakes they expect from you. Ensure a smooth transition into using the powerful Sam4POS solution once you decide to use it for your business.

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