Sam4POS System for Casual Dining

Sam4POS System for Casual Dining
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The Sam4POS Android POS is a stable & robust solution for your Casual Dining Restaurant.

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Looking for a new POS system for your business?

   A successful restaurant isn’t just about cooking great food; it’s also about creating an enjoyable work environment where employees and customers feel valued and appreciated. Sam4s has designed this Android App to solve many of the challenges that restaurant owners face on a daily basis. They know the importance of ringing up food orders efficiently, taking payments from customers accurately and reporting back to you important information at the end of the day, week, month or year.

The Sam4POS makes running your business easier because it was designed with your needs in mind.  

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The Sam4POS application is a full-featured solution for your restaurant challenges

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Sam4POS the solutions of choice for many owners of restaurants and food trucks in the Los Angeles area.

SAM4s has released their new SAM4POS application. which has changed the landscape of Android point-of-sale systems

The Sam4POS Point of sale Application was designed for restaurant and retail environment. SAM4pos runs on your choice of the SAM4s Android POS Hardware: SAM4S all-in-one 15″ Touch Screen terminal SAP-6600II, Electronic Cash Register-Style SAP-630-FT and SAP-630-RT as well as Hisense HM616 10” tablet. Great solution for casual dining restaurants and will provide the functionalities to meet your business unique needs.

Calbiz your trusted Sam4POS dealer in Los Angeles area

We are your local restaurant POS company in the Los Angeles area. Let us come see you at your location or come see us when you’re ready to take better control of running a profitable business with our easy-to use, Sam4sPOS Point Of Sale system!

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