Sam4POS System for Mexican Restaurant

Sam4POS System for Mexican Restaurant
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The Sam4POS System is a great choice for Mexican restaurants

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Want to upgrade your old POS system to improve your daily operations?

When you want to replace an outdated cash register, consider the Sam4POS Android-based application. This POS solution is  stable, full-featured and efficient for food environments: table service, quick service or food trucks. You can also ensure speed and security by the semi-integrated credit card payment option, cash discount program available. 

Hardware options to choose from: 15” Touch-screen, cash register like SAP-630FT/RT and tables for flexibility, line busters when you need them. Shorter lines equals happier customers and happier customers equal more profits. 

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The Sam4POS is a key ingredient in the recipe of success for your restaurant

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Sam4s shocks the industry once again with its Android Application: Reliable, stable, fast & customizable!

Your business needs to innovate and keep up with changes time brings, it need stability to perform every task a restaurant faces on a daily basis and it also needs the reliability to keep doing that over and over again. Accomplish the challengers your Mexican restaurant faces constantly whether it is a table service, a quick service set up or a food truck.

Sam4s is a known brand in the point of sale system industry for its reliability, stability and its ability to innovate with every cash register model they have developed. The Sam4POS application will help you better manage your restaurant.

Calbiz is your local Point of Sale system dealer in the Los Angeles area

We are your local partner for all things Point of Sale.

We have been providing solutions to the Mexican restaurant industry since 1997 and specialize in table service, quick serve food trucks as well! We ensure a smooth transition to your new software and hardware by providing the service you expect from a local company.

Menu programming, installation, training and support by our experienced team.

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