Sam4POS System for Taquería

Sam4POS System for Taquería
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The Sam4POS Application will help you ring up taco orders more efficiently and accurately!

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Need a faster and more reliable POS system?

Taquerias and other fast food environments will greatly benefit from the SAM4POS application. This Android-based POS solution is stable, full featured and efficient for food environments: table service or quick services and even food trucks.

You can also ensure speed and accuracy  with the semi integrated credit card payment option. This allows you to settle orders faster and more accurately, cash discount program is available. 

Hardware options include 15″ Touchscreen display screens which are perfect if you want more space on screen at once; we also carry SAP 630ft/RT tables for mobility.

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Shorter lines, more sales and happy customers is what the Sam4POS will help you do in you Taqueria!

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Sam4POS changes the landscape of the cash registers systems with its SAM4POS Android App for restaurants and retail

Your business needs to innovate and keep up with changes time brings, it needs stability to perform every task a restaurant faces on a daily basis. Sam4s is the reliable brand name when it comes down to messing around in point of sale systems for your Mexican joint!

The newest Sam4POS android application can help you better manage your restaurant by efficiently taking orders and sending them to the kitchen fast and clearly to accept payments from customers accurately and then providing detailed reports with important information about your transactions. 

Calbiz can help your Taqueria thrive with a New POS system

Taquerias come with their unique challenges to operate on a daily basis. With over 20 years in the industry, you can trust us to take care of all your Point-of Sale needs.

From menu programming and installation through training and support service so you can ensure a smooth transition from an outdated cash register to the new Sam4POS solution.

Let us help you take better control of your restaurant! 

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